15 Ways To Save More

During January and February, we like to help clients identify proactive ways to start the year off right and save more.

Perhaps you…

  • Received a bonus or a raise and need guidance on how to save or invest the additional cash;
  • Have a tax refund coming to you; or
  • Want to consider ways to save more this year.

Whatever the case, the beginning of the year is a great time to set your intentions and establish good habits to ensure you save for your financial goals.

Identifying available savings opportunities and prioritizing across accounts can be complex and overwhelming. For example, do you know whether you are eligible for and taking full advantage of pre-tax health care savings accounts, such as HSAs and FSAs?  If so, do you know what they can be used for and when they need to be used by?

Are you optimizing your retirement savings, choosing between traditional and Roth options, obtaining the total amount of any employer match, and maximizing your contributions?  Do you understand the potential impacts of the recently passed SECURE Act 2.0 passed in late December 2022?

To help you spot ways to save more this year, we have a checklist (link) that outlines more than 15 strategies to consider when you have surplus cash or savings on hand.

While the checklist can help you identify different opportunities, we are always available to meet with you to discuss your finances and goals and determine what options best suit your unique circumstances.

Don’t hesitate to schedule a time with us on our calendar.


  • Mike Hunsberger, ChFC®, CFP®, CCFC

    Mike Hunsberger, ChFC®, CFP®, CCFC is the owner of Next Mission Financial Planning located in Saint Charles, Missouri serving clients across the US and wherever the military takes them. After 25 years in the Air Force he started his firm to support military, former military, and retirees through values-based financial planning enabling clients to live their best lives.