Black Box Labeled College Financial Aid

What You’ll Actually Pay For College Can
Seem Like A Black Box Process

Demystify the costs with our College Planning Process

+ Including The Most Effective Way to Use The GI Bill (if applicable)

Our College Planning Process

Step 1.

Understand What You’ll
Be Expected to Pay
& Build Your Budget

Step 2.

Use Our Portal To
Search For Schools
& Scholarships

Step 3.

Find The School
That Meets Your Needs
& You Can Afford

Next Mission Financial Planning College Planning Service

College Planning Includes:

  • 3 Meetings – Introduction, Building the Plan, Funding Strategy
  • What You Can Expect to Pay (Student Aid Index estimate)
  • If you qualify for Need-based grants or Merit aid
  • If you qualify for Merit aid
  • How to effectively use your Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits
  • Your College Pre-Approval™ Budget
  • College funding gap analysis & savings strategies
  • Access to college aid planning and scholarships portal
  • Bi-monthly tips relevant to the college planning

Let’s Discuss Your Specific Situation and
How We Can Help You With Your
College Planning Journey